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Through a network of partners, we work to create equitable opportunities and prepare children for success in school, work, and beyond.

We believe our work must be broad in its scope and definitive in its purpose.

We create pathways for success so every learner can be ready on day one. 


Children and their families live in communities with equitable access to the resources and social capital they need to thrive.  


Value Statement and values

Our values are rooted in creating equitable opportunities for every learner to access safe and thriving learning environments.

We commit to providing equitable opportunities that offer access and resources for children and their families regardless of their zip code. 


We are dedicated to addressing gaps that hinder early earners, youth, and adolescents from accessing resources and supports to help them dream and achieve the full potential.



We approach our work with diverse approaches that respect families as parents, caregivers, children, networks, and decision-makers related by common characteristics or sharing like goals.


We believe a lack of resources can make children vulnerable in settings where they should be able to thrive.  We use our voices and coalition to change the narrative and impact change. 



We foster local collaboration and partner with national networks that make a transformational impact on communities.


We make safe and inclusive places for mutual learning, respect, and understanding of assets and potential for growth.

"We develop systems of support and resources that foster safe, learning environments in and beyond the classroom. It's how we address inequity and support communities in creating solutions that work for them." 

-Staci Croom-Raley



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