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Our mission has always centered around serving parent and service provider networks dedicated to helping children be ready for school success and beyond.  Today, we are reimagining how to expand our efforts and partners to serve more communities and advocate for children and their parents and caregivers.


We challenged ourselves to redesign our approach in addressing inequity and access barriers to quality education.  We've decided to tackle the gaps laid bare during the pandemic by identifying a new way to deepen our impact by creating network systems that look at the whole family and providing pathways for children and their families to access and enjoy thriving learning environments from the early years through graduation.


We saw a direct intersection between the opportunities we have effectively developed and the significant need in communities across the country to access more equitable outcomes for children and families, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Children's Equity Coalition is the evolution of over 50 years of combined professional and organizational experience to help the learner be READY on DAY ONE and become lifelong learners positioned to dream and achieve their full potential.  Many children lack access to opportunities that allow them to achieve their fullest potential. Our leaders felt the time was right to expand our mission and strategies to address gaps to access and improve impact by improving readiness for all young learners.


We welcome and encourage you to learn more about the Children's Equity Coalition and how you can join us in creating more equitable environments where children and their families have the social capital to improve their lives regardless of their zip code.


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