A Special Thanksgiving Message from our President and CEO





Food and Football.

As far as I can remember, these things have been staples of our traditional holiday activities. But, for almost two years, our family, like many families, made tough decisions to take “social distancing” to a new level. As a result, there weren’t many road trips, and the family Zoom call was where we gathered to say grace before enjoying much smaller dinners. Although it’s been hard to be apart, I think many of us have found or rediscovered some things or aspects about our lives that needed and received more attention than they’d gotten in a long time. For some of us, it’s been a reset and an opportunity to focus on what matters to us the most.

For the Children’s Equity Coalition, advocating for children and families with national partners as a social justice issue meant creating tools and resources for providers and decision-makers that help children and families, especially during the early years. Those efforts will have an exponential impact, and it’s an honor to be a voice for children and families across the country. So this holiday, I’m thankful for it all, family, friends, and the host of local and national advocates and providers that made equity for children and their families a top priority in partnership with our organization.

Staci Croom-Raley

President and CEO

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