Hi friends, will you help sponsor a Little Scholar?



We cordially invite you to join us, Children’s Equity Coalition board members, staff, donors, and other early learning advocates committed to positively impacting the scholastic trajectory for classrooms of incoming Pre-K or Kindergarten students for the 2022-2023 school year with a resource can that assists them socially, emotionally,  and academically.  

Collectively, we can prepare children for success in school and beyond. Ready Little Scholar offers essential resources and life skills development that some kids lack access to; which may hinder them from reaching their highest potential.

Considering this, we enthusiastically ask you to help us equip young learners with access to Ready Little Scholar resource kits designed to give them a jump start on being ready to succeed; when they enter the classroom on day one.

Will you commit to making a difference by “Sponsoring A Scholar?” Your tax-deductible gift of just  $40 will cover the cost of a Ready Little Scholar resource kit for incoming early learners

We invite you to learn more about Ready Little Scholar below and visit here.

Thank you in advance for changing and expanding trajectories.

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Ready Little Scholar is an interactive, social-emotional, and developmental life skills learning program that promotes young learners' critical life skills to excel in school and beyond.


Each kit comes with materials, instructions, a travel bag, and digital access to take RSL on the go!

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